Navy Internship

Palomar’s nationally renowned, and award winning, Navy Internship Program is recognized as one of the best School To Career programs in the country. Palomar students work at the San Diego Naval Station in shops/offices and gain valuable real world work experience. A partnership also exist at Harborside Elementary School for students who are interested in a career in education. They will work there as tutors for the K-6 students. All students ca earn five elective credits and move up their graduation date by six months if they successfully complete this demanding sixteen-week program.

College Study Skills

The Palomar High School College Study Skills Class is a preparation for college course. This course concentrates on skills such as: note taking, organization, studying, and writing for college. Students have an opportunity to earn two high school electives and two college units at the completion of the course. Students are required to maintain notebooks, participate in class discussions, attend field trips, and complete homework. This course will assist students with college application, essay writing, sharpening social and interview skills, and financial aid/scholarship applications. Students who complete this course will be prepared to enroll in college-level courses, and have financial assistance to help them reach their post-high school academic goals.

Culinary Arts

The County Regional Occupational (ROP) Culinary Arts program offers many free classes on campus which are designed to prepare students for a specific job or trade and which can also count toward high school graduation elective requirements. This course provides entry-level and advanced training for positions in the food service industry. Instruction covers the following areas: career preparation, customer relations, food safety and sanitation, basic kitchen skills, food production, nutrition, workplace interactions, business math and cost control and train on commercial equipment. Ms. Flores, the Culinary Arts teacher, provides the students with opportunities to cook for themselves and feed their parents at special events.

Information Technology (IT Essentials)

The Information Technology (IT) Essentials course introduces students to the foundation of connecting computers to networks.  This course is designed to provide students with simulation tools, hands-on labs, and troubleshooting procedures.  It is the first professional step into a career in IT as a computer technician.

Students will be able to prepare for the CompTIA A+ Certification.