Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Palomar High School, the continuation high school program for the Sweetwater Union High School District exists to serve our community as an alternative educational setting providing an educational option for students who have not found success in the traditional school setting.  The staff of Palomar High School believe that with support, encouragement, and opportunity every student can succeed. All Palomar graduates should be curious, responsible, life-long learners who leave with the tools needed to participate in the workplace and society.

Palomar students will:

  • Be risk-takers in their own learning and demonstrate a curiosity for understanding with a growth mindset
  • Leave with the confidence, literacy, and numeracy skills to pursue higher education or their chosen career path
  • Have the skills needed to be active and informed participants in democracy
  • Be empowered with skills necessary to live a physically, emotionally, and socially healthy life

Student Learner Outcomes (SLO’s):

Students will communicate effectively including written, oral, numeric/quantitative, graphic, and visual modes.

Students will develop self-management skills that enable them to work effectively both alone and in collaboration with others in order to be active members of their community.

Students will be critical and independent thinkers that apply knowledge through recognizing problems and formulating appropriate solutions demonstrating usage of 21st century job skills.