Registration and Attendance


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State law requires you to attend your assigned classes every day school is in session.

We expect you to be here 100 percent of the time. 90% attendance is the minimum acceptable at Palomar for all 13th graders and also to be eligible for any and all privileges such as: Grad Night, field trips, schedule changes, extended day schedules and special classes.

10th -12th grade students will be placed in the PM session if their attendance falls below 90%. If attendance falls below 80% they will be a transferred back to their home school or to an alternative site.

A requirement for completion of any course is 90% attendance.

Attendance Policy:

Acceptable attendance at Palomar High School requires that you accumulate no more than three (3) full-day excused absences during a 6-week grading period. If you have excessive absences, you will be referred to the Assistant Principal for a parent conference and risk being dropped from Palomar.

Excused Absence:

  • Illness
  • Medical and dental appointments
  • Bereavement
  • Participation in religious services
  • Court ordered appearance

Family vacation is not a valid reason to miss school!

Unexcused (Non-Truant) Absence and Truancy:

Any absence not defined as excused including a verified truancy must be made up at Saturday school or by attending 3 days of tutoring class. Falling below 90% in actual attendance will result in a loss of privileges and if not corrected, morning students will be switched to the afternoon session.

Parents/guardians are required to call the attendance office at 407-4802 to report an absence. The Sweetwater Union High School District has two new attendance regulations:

  1. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the school within 10 days to clear the pupil’s absence. Absences unexcused 10 days after the student returns to school will become truant or unexcused for the remainder of the school year unless the student attends Saturday School to clear the absence.
  2. The Sweetwater Union High School District has established that it is reasonable to be absent 1 day a month (equivalent to 5 days in a semester or 10 days in a school year). Students who have more than 5 days of excused absences per semester or 10 excused absences during the year may be placed under an “Excessive Absence Contract.”

If a parent/guardian does not call the attendance office, a Blue Slip or signed note upon the return to school must be turned in. After 48 hours the absence may remain as unexcused. Parents should check student attendance on a weekly basis.

Tardy Policy

Learning the responsibility of punctuality is important. Disruptions caused by tardiness distract teachers and students and affect the educational process.

A.M. Session students who are habitually tardy will be assigned to the P.M. session. Students who are habitually tardy will be referred to the Assistant Principal and a parent conference will be required.

IT’S THE LAW; YOU MUST STAY IN SCHOOL Education Code Section 48260-48263 discusses compulsory school attendance. A student under 18 who is absent 3 or more times in a school year without an excuse is considered a habitual truant.

Palomar High School is a closed campus. Students may not leave campus without an Off-Campus Permit. Students who do so will be considered truant. Off-Campus Permits must be obtained prior to leaving school.

Students who are habitually truant and are referred to the juvenile court may be placed on probation, may have a driver’s license revoked until age 18 and may be placed in juvenile hall for violation of a court order.