The Palomar High School Math department is committed to helping students meet the educational and professional goals of all students. All Palomar courses have the rigor and depth needed meet the A-G requirements for college admission and prepare them for their careers by using real life applications. The mathematics teacher use a variety of instructional delivery methods that maximize student learning while providing individual support for all students.

There are additional opportunities for all students to get help in math through our after school and Saturday scholar program, we encourage all students to take advantage of all that Palomar has to offer and look forward to providing for the success  and graduation of all our students.


Mathematics Support

Click this link to find the weekly math homework for ALL classes.


Department Teachers:

Felipe Rosales
Integrated Math 1 & 3

Iliana Grijalva
Integrated Math 1 & 2

Scott Raymo
Integrated Math 1, 2 & 3

Nancy Yamagata
Integrated Math 1 & 2

Rosemarie Day