English Language Arts

English Language Arts at Palomar High School is dedicated to nurturing the potential of all students. Our curriculum model is the rhetorical approach, and it includes many effective strategies to engage students more deeply into what they are reading (annotating, or taking notes on the text, for example). Teachers guide the students through their reading in a way that asks probing questions about evidence, arguments, biases, and assumptions.

We then turn to their writing, sometimes having students model the styles and features of a piece they have read while integrating their own ideas. Because the different grade levels of English are aligned to different state standards in language arts, we meet with common grade level teachers to ensure we are devoting proper time to each of the required state standards.

We look at assessments and sample work to see if the students are, in fact, learning and mastering the material. We believe teaching is, at best, an ongoing process that involves thoughtful shaping and reshaping of ideas and techniques to best suit both the abilities and aspirations of all Palomar students.

Department Teachers:

Michael Daugherty
Email: michael.daugherty@sweetwaterschools.org

Giana Battle
Email: giana.battle@sweetwaterschools.org


Carly Garrett
Email: carly.garrett@sweetwaterschools.org

Brian Grady
Email: brian.grady@sweetwaterschools.org

Clarissa Ingram

Email: clarissa.ingram@sweetwaterschools.org