Tutoring and Enrichment

Saturday School

Saturday school provides students with the opportunity to receive attendance credit for those days missed from school. Students must maintain 90% attendance in order to be successful at Palomar. Most Saturdays, students have the option to attend content-area specific academies such as math or government academy, where they can recieve extra assistance from their teachers and catch up on work or earn extra hours in a class.


Tutoring is available at Palomar every day in the library during periods six and eight, as well as during lunch. Tutoring also allows students to make up attendance credit to clear absences and tardies. Three tutoring sessions eliminate a full day’s absence.


Southwestern College Study Skills Class

The Palomar College Study Skills Program offers a unique opportunity for seniors to earn their first college credit. Palomar students take this elective course which is team-taught by a Southwestern College Professor and Palomar teachers Ms. Casas and Ms. Wubenhorst. In the class, students  apply for college admission and financial aid, take college course placement tests, and learn how to choose classes, good study skills, and take at least one field trip to the Southwestern College Campus. Students successfully completing this course will earn two high school electives and one college elective.