Navy Internship Program

Palomar’s nationally renowned, award winning Navy Internship Program is recognized as one of the best School To Career programs in the country. This is the only program of it’s type in the entire country, so being a Palomar Navy Intern is a badge of honor.


During a full semester commitment, Palomar students work at the San Diego Naval Station in shops and offices side by side and under the guidance of US Navy sailors to gain valuable real world work experience in such fields as welding, electrical, military career planning and advising, diesel mechanics, gas turbine engine repair, and many more.


The program also partners with two Sweetwater District elementary schools, Harborside Elementary and Loma Verde Elementary, for students who are interested in a career in education. Students who choose to work with the elementary schools have the opportunity to work in pre-K through 6th grade classrooms with teachers, as well as support staff.


All students completing the internship program have the opportunity to earn up to five elective credits, or take the optional four credits and substitute the last one for all of the 30 of the required hours of community service for graduation, effectively moving up their graduation date by up to six months. Additionally, students will leave the program with a working resume, professional references, job interview skills, and a lifetime of memories. Interns are held to a very high standard, and are required to maintain a better than 90% attendance rate during their enrollment in the internship, as well as keep passing grades in all classes.

Navy Program Coordinator

Thomas Phillips Jr.