Misfit Sock Day to Combat Bullying- Friday 10/27

Next week is Red Ribbon Spirit Week! Each day will have a fun theme. Check the poster in the lunch area for details, and watch the posted announcements here!

We will kick it off a day early on FRIDAY, October 27, with Misfit Sock day.

October is National Anti-Bullying Month. The Misfit Sock movement asks people to celebrate what makes them different and take a stand against bullying by wearing misfit socks with purpose: to celebrate what makes us different. Many kids hide their differences for fear of being bullied. Taking a stand as a school community sends a strong message that DIFFERENCES MATTER.

As a nationwide movement, last year over a million people participated.


You can learn more about the movement on the Misfit Sock Movement website.

Celebrate what makes you different, take a stand against bullying. Wear Misfit socks. Million misfit sock march, October 27, 2017.

                   2017 Misfit Sock Movement Flyer