Palomar Panthers Soccer Team

In 2009 / 2010 school year, Palomar created a club soccer team for students to participate in as a motivator to continue coming to school and completing their credits. We found that students who are behind credits need a reason to come to school beside academics. Our students have diverse talents in athletics and they deserve to play sports just like any other school. When students were asked what type of extra curricular activity they wanted on our campus, they unanimously said “SPORTS.” The top request was Soccer, with Baseball and Softball coming in close second.

All our coaches are volunteers and believe in serving their community to make a difference in our most needy students. Our team focus is teamwork, discipline, responsibility, and commitment. We teach our soccer players that playing is not about one player, but the entire team working together for the benefit of all. No matter what skill level players come with, we help them refine their skills to generate self-confidence on the field, which transfer back into the classroom. All players need to show weekly academic proficiency. If they don’t have weekly approval by their teachers that they are progressing in their studies, then they can’t play in that Saturdays game. Every week is a new start. Students must keep 90% attendance and be able to attend practice twice a week.

This year our practices are taking place in San Ysidro High and Montgomery High depending on availability of the field use. During Spring and Summer time we practice in Sunset Elementary in San Ysidro. We appreciate these schools for assisting us in letting us use their field.

Our games take place at Grager Junior High School at 3:00 p.m. every Saturday. We are currently participating in the Papakis Open League with 20 teams participating. We play with adults and teenagers alike and enjoy watching students work together to achieve a goal.

We hope you can support our team with any equipment, donation, or time you might have. We appreciate your support and our players need all the encouragement they can get from all of us.